Artificial intelligence: Making HR Smarter

Machines have become a much more efficient and accurate tool in screening potential recruit applications resumes, in the talent management process.

Artificial Intelligence (AI), an area of technology that automates tasks and the approach taken in tackling problems, is being increasingly adopted to carry out HR functions. They can never replace the human element in human resource management, however, we are now moving into an era in which AI machines can be instrumental in finding candidates with the right fit, and help HR professionals take intelligent decisions. Let’s have a look at how AI has made a transformation in the talent acquisition sector.

The change in the recruitment pipeline:

In the past, recruiters had to go through a vast number of candidate profiles and depend on manual processes, where they screen profiles and set up in-person discussions.

An intelligent AI-enabled screening software, such as Talent Match, is bringing about a difference in this arena. By analysing the necessary intricacies and past success factors of the job profile, the software can find the most suitable set of candidates with the required skills, experience and cultural fit for the organisation. Some organizations such as Amazon, IBM and Facebook have added similar analytics to their sourcing mechanisms, and thus redefined the hiring experience completely.

So what does Talent Match do?

Talent Match pairs the most relevant candidate to your search criteria within seconds. It provides you with the flexibility to search criteria through keyword search, predefined industry job descriptions and job titles, or your personalized job description and titles so you can find the most suitable criteria your own way. With the artificial intelligence technology running it, all relevant concepts are generated for a given set of criteria, eliminating the need to input all exact qualifications you are looking for.

The Value additions:

By adding Talent Match to your organization, you enable the higher level management to oversee the recruitment process, and improve the organization’s overall Return On Investment, by the following:

  • Cutting down the Resume screening process resources, especially time, by at least 20-30%
  • Enabling the Human Resource department to focus on the more important of recruitment – the Technical and cultural FIT interviews
  • Allow recruiters to dynamically alter the candidate specifications, such as skills or education background, that they seek in candidates
  • Avoid human biases, and therefore embrace a diverse and inclusive society

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