Artificial Intelligence: Want to get started?

Artificial intelligence is a massive topic, and it’s tough to know where to begin educating yourself about its intricacies. In combing through the literature to put together a short reading list that’ll get you up to speed, fast, we have gathered some cool sources that you can check out!

Start Here

If you want the basics of artificial intelligence in the shortest time possible, then grab a cup of coffee and spend two hours reading Tim Urban’s brilliant two-parter on the topic. As always with Urban’s articles, they’re both enormously readable and very comprehensive.

Then Check out

After that, you’ll want to look into some of the more specialized areas where AI is already having an impact on our lives.

Dive Deeper

Want more? OK, here’s a link dump of some of our favorite AI reads, in no particular order.

An Actual Book

Like paper? Us, too! Here are three great books to read on AI.

Movie entertainment

Does this all sound like too much hard work? Then here’s a selection of movies you can take some breaks with for fun!

  • IRobot

Rotten tomato link:

You tube trailer:

  • The Matrix Series

Rotten tomato link:

You tube trailer:

  • Her

Rotten tomato link:

You tube trailer:

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Please comment and share any resources that can be added to this list!

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