Manage your Digital Channels in one place

Optimized Customer Satisfaction Analysis

Powered by Voice of the Customer and Artificial Intelligence

Track consumer sentiment towards your brands

  • Leverage what customers are saying about your company or Brands to improve your online reputation and improve your Brand Awareness
  • Predict Market trends, with consumer sentiment over time, to always be ahead of the market

Create an engaging strategy leveraging the influential ideas within your industry

  • Measure and improve Brand Health through the analysis of conversations happening across the web.
  • Leverage our unique Influencer Network to identify the Brand Influencers that are affecting public opinion.

Leverage the Voice of your Customer to optimize your 360-degree view of your customers

  • Capture the Voice of the Customer through preferences, problems, and complaints to create effective customer experience
  • Identify the top engaging channels for your audience throughout the buying journey to improve your customer experience

Concept Clouds

Understand your Customer’s wants & needs to target the opinions directly, improving your Reputation

Consumer Sentiment

Proactively follow the reactions to your communication strategy over time, to optimize your Brand Aura and engagement over time.

Influencer Analytics

Immediately leverage who and where opinions influencing your reputation are coming from to increase trust among your audiences.