Facebook, with its 1.86 billion monthly active users, is an incredibly diverse and dynamic market place. Successful communication strategies take advantage of the wealth of data at their disposal and use it to proactively align their campaigns to the wants and needs of their customers. Many companies today offer

Facebook Analytics

in the form of more numbers and graphs than anyone can handle, or make use of.

The Semeon Insights platform transforms your

Facebook audience data

into Actionable Insights that lead your teams to an improved customer experience and more effective Branding efforts. Compared to other analytics platforms, Semeon’s results lead to better business decisions through the power of Artificial Intelligence and the Microsoft Azure Cloud.

Semeon provides you with the concepts and influencers that lead public opinion to optimize your digital paid media and content creation. Keep your marketing campaigns ahead of the competition by actively tracking what people are saying and compare those trends to purchasing habits through your CRM or internal data sets. Try

Facebook Analytics with Semeon Insights

today ( if there is a free trial please note that here) Or request a demonstration of Semeon’s Facebook Analytics Tools by filling out the form below.

  • Automatically track consumer opinion through Sentiment, Semantic, and conceptual Facebook analytics
  • Compare and contract demographic differences to target your message to the right people at the right time
  • Semeon Insights makes it easy to export and share descriptive visuals to represent Digital ROI to the whole team
  • Capture Insights that lead teams across your organization to consumer-driven decisions

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"Semeon’s Insight platform has helped us identify Key Insights that are driving our recommended communication strategy for our clients."

- Partner and Vice President Client Services