Arguably the best Marketing professionals now need to know the original Star Wars trilogy by heart, and be the wordsmith at the party grabbing all the attention. Somewhere between the analytics and the creatives is the sweet spot. Where marketers leverage the insights from the analysis to fuel their content creation strategy. There are hundreds of

Social Media Analytics platform

on the market today, mostly focusing on providing numerical results such as Facebook likes and traffic, which do not power marketing teams to make customer-focused decisions.

Aberdeen Group Inc. claims that companies with the strongest Omni-channel customer engagement strategies retain an average of 89% of their customers, there has never been a better time to optimize your Social Media Analytics strategy.

Semeon Analytics, the Social Media Analytics platform

to provide real-world Insights that lead to better business decisions across organizations. Semeon Analytics analyzes all your consumer data, whether its online data or inside your

CRM/Customer Service platforms

, to help align your marketing campaigns with your customers to boost your ROI.

Semeon’s Social Media Analytics platform extracts the most relevant opinions and Brand Influencers to your business so you can optimize your paid media and content creation strategies.


  • Capturing Insights that lead teams across your organization to consumer-driven decisions
  • Semeon Insights making it easier to export and share descriptive Business Intelligence visuals to represent Digital ROI to the whole team
  • Comparing and contrasting demographic difference to target your messaging to the right people at the right time
  • Automatically tracking consumer opinions through Sentiment, Semantic, and conceptual analytics

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"Semeon’s Insight platform has helped us identify Key Insights that are driving our recommended communication strategy for our clients."

- Partner and Vice President Client Services