The art or science, depending who you ask, of Social Media will always lie in the ability to extract the insights that fuel your business decisions, straight from the mouth of the consumers. Unfortunately, with the advent of

Social Media Marketing

, marketing teams now have more channels, analytics, and work to do than ever before, going against the initial idea that Social Media will only optimize the marketing strategy.

Meet Semeon Analytics, a

Social Media Management

solution, that analyzes and extracts the most relevant Actionable Insights from all digital channels to align your business decisions with the consumers and increase ROI. Compared to other analytics platforms, Semeon’s results lead to better business decisions through the power of Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing.

Semeon extracts the opinions and influencers that drive public perception so you can leverage the insights to improve Customer Experience and sell more. Marketing, sales, and customer service teams can optimize their communication strategies by targeting the right consumers at the right time. below.

  • Automatically track consumer opinion through Sentiment, Semantic, and conceptual Facebook analytics
  • Compare and contract demographic differences to target your message to the right people at the right time
  • Semeon Insights makes it easy to export and share descriptive visuals to represent Digital ROI to the whole team
  • Capture Insights that lead teams across your organization to consumer-driven decisions

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"Semeon’s Insight platform has helped us identify Key Insights that are driving our recommended communication strategy for our clients."

- Partner and Vice President Client Services