Best-in-class VoC users enjoy 55% greater Customer Retention Rates

Optimized Customer Satisfaction Analysis

Powered by Voice of the Customer and Artificial Intelligence

Understand Consumer Intent to Better Personalize their Experience

Capturing the ‘Voice of the Customer’ Insights from Semeon, our customers can leverage consumer preferences, problems, and complaints to create effective customer journeys.


Leverage Consumer’s Perception across Channels to Improve Customer Satisfaction

VoC allows companies to measure ROI for each of their campaigns, showcasing the channels, stories, and influencers with high Net Promoter Scores. These multi-channel insights provide the collective Voice of the Customer helping teams to make informed business decisions.

Know what Matters most to your Clients

Optimizing Customer Satisfaction comes from knowing your customers’ needs across digital channels including:

  1. Website
  2. Email
  3. Social Media such as Facebook, Twitter
  4. Call Center notes
  5. Survey responses
  6. Chat Bots

Concept Clouds

Understand the Voice of your Customers through the ideas, conversations, and opinions that are driving public perception increase online engagement.

Sentiment Timeline

Proactively follow the Voice of your Customers over time across channels. Pinpoint where changes to your public perception are to optimize your communication strategy with relevant and timely insights.

Influencer Network

Immediately leverage who and where the Voice of the Customer is influencing your Brand Reputation to dynamically optimize your communication strategy and boost ROI.