Semeon is an AI-driven text analytics Platform empowering Customer Experience (CX)

Understand Customer Intelligence

Understand Customer Intelligence.

Go past what is said and grasp what is meant. Go beyond language complexity such as irony, sarcasm, cultural contexts, and biases, and extract sentiment and intent enabling a precise response.

Grasp what is statistically relevant in real time.

Parse through billions of data points every day to extract your brand’s key differentiators and pain points enabling you to focus on what matters. Do so in hours instead of weeks.

Grasp what is statistically relevant in real time
Design optimal Customer Experience

Design optimal Customer Experience.

Optimize your CX to enrich your customer’s buying journey, drive more sales, retain customers longer and develop a deeper understanding of customer wants and needs to better innovate.

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“Semeon helps companies transition from Product-Centric to Customer-Centric businesses”

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Intelligence to design optimal CX

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