Semeon’s DNA

Unstructured text analytics remains one of the most difficult challenges in computer science today. Having worked for 20 years in computational linguistics attempting to solve problems related to this challenge, Alkis Papadopoullos founded Semeon six years ago with the intention of cracking this nut.

The team working on Semeon have been working with Alkis on these kinds of challenges together through 5 previous startups over the past 20 years. In fact, the team embodies 120 man-years of the highest quality data science, linguistic analysis, and machine learning capabilities.

Since its inception, Semeon has gone from being purely a social media mining tool to a full-blown unstructured and structured text mining juggernaut. Combining deep semantic analysis with the highest quality sentiment and intent analysis, Semeon brings a unique set of features that are poised to change the market landscape dramatically.

By focusing on Voice of Customer (VOC), Semeon is able to leverage deep algorithmics to understand customer feedback better than any other company on the planet.

The road ahead

In addition to patented algorithms for semantic, sentiment, and intent analysis, Semeon will continue to add on unique classifiers for broader types of intent, tracking customer experience, customer loyalty, and customer feedback across all VOC feedback channels.

Semeon continues to enhance its existing technology as well as drive innovation, notably around utilizing its classifiers to develop predictive models to help customers correlate insights to time series data such as evolution of sales, seasonality, demographic information, etc

Semeon is among a handful of world class companies that are facilitating the coming of age of Data Science.


amount of customers who LEAVE brands if their complaints are not being heard

21 Hours

average time spent manually coding and categorizing customer complaints

1 Hour

Average time Semeon takes to analyze and categorize the same complaints for you

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