The era of Customer-Centric Business.

Semeon leverages Customer Intelligence (VOC) to better CX.

Why? Because companies today are forced to shift from being Product Centric to become Customer Centric.

Its hard, because there is too much data and data is mostly unstructured, making it costly and non responsive for companies to analyze (Noise vs Signal).

AI is an amazing tool to help extract the meaning of all of this data and enable companies to find what matters for their customer, so they can better their CX. Concretely speaking, companies need to gather public (blog, news, social media) and private (emails, call center, surveys, crm) information, breaking down silos and then analyze efficiently this information to extract sentiment, intent and actionable ideas and signals.

They need to move away from frequency based keywords that only give partial information to statistically relevant concept clouds, securing expressions integrity enabling to maintain the voice of the customer. Companies capturing it and empowering the customers, will succeed. The others won’t.

Semeon overcomes language complexity by detecting irony, sarcasm, cultural context and bias and help gather a correct representation of what customers are saying, enabling brands to be as responsive as possible. To become customer-centric is to be able in quasi real time to grasp the meaning behind what your customers say and the words they use. This helps your company build the best customer experience possible, informing adequately customer support, marketing, communication, product and innovation departments while supporting organization transformation of processes, culture and overall management.

Leadership team.

Eric Gauthier
Eric GauthierCEO
21 years experience in Tech Entrepreneurship. Supports of dozens of disruptive innovation tech companies in Canada and the USA.
Alkis Papadopoullos
Alkis PapadopoullosCTO
25 years experience and multiple patents in AI & Machine Learning applied to the field of Semantic Analysis.
John Scandar
John ScandarChairman
25 years experience in Enterprise Application Software with strong international experience.