AI-Driven Market Research – Automate Your Analysis Using Artificial Intelligence

AI-driven Market Research for All of Your Organization’s Research Needs

Semeon’s text analytics platform can help you deliver high-quality and timely research to close any customer experience gaps, prioritize customer pain points and drive loyalty and scalability. 

Succeed in New Markets and Segments

Manage risk optimally with timely insights at your fingertips for competitive benchmarking, product development and pricing, market trends, purchase behaviors, customer attitudes and so much more.

Customer Experience as your Differentiator

Care for your customers in ways no competitor can without AI-driven market research. Automatically analyze all customer feedback to eliminate sources of frustration and surpass expectations in areas it matters most.

Reduce Costs and Analysis Time thanks to AI

Avoid weeks of manual verbatim analysis by simply uploading open-ended survey responses, chat and call center transcripts into Semeon Analytics to get automatic feedback categorization and multi-layered insights in a matter of minutes.

Draw Meaningful Conclusions Fast

Don’t rely on standard categories to organize your customer feedback- Categorize your feedback data how you need it and apply multiple filters at once to uncover trends, recurring topics of complaint and deliver context to your plan of action.

Intuitive Reporting that Speaks to Everyone

Automatically generate graphical reports and dashboards that you can filter by any field defined in your data to visualize and track the performance of implemented changes and improvements.

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A success story powered by AI-driven market research

A major market research corporation approached Semeon for help tracking online consumer content in French and Spanish concerning 8 global apparel brands.

The goals were to establish the relative strengths connected to each of the brands and to determine how they competed both with “weaker” and with more luxury focused brands – and in what categories (price or design, for example) consumers made such comparisons.

The capacity of Semeon’s artificial intelligence tool to isolate the topics related to each brand saved market researchers the hours of extensive preparatory research usually required to identify what topics would be of interest to track. In addition, Semeon’s proprietary relevance algorithms allowed the rapid isolation of the axes of comparison between brands made by consumers within each language group.

Information obtained using Semeon allowed market researchers to adjust ongoing campaigns to reflect consumer interest and tailor messaging specific to consumers in each language market.

Our clients

What our clients say about our AI-driven analytics

“I am confident that using a context-based approach has allowed us to understand our members, communication channels, and brand on a deeper level.”

Victoria Hubbell

Senior Vice-President

“Semeon and their staff have always delivered timely, accurate, cost effective quality work to our organization. We recommend Semeon for the depth of their product and the quality of their support staff.”

Guillaume Chevalier

Head of Innovation

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What is sentiment analysis

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How did AI change the approach to market research?

Traditional market research had significant drawbacks that made it impractical for anything other than important long-term decisions for an enterprise. It was used for questions of branding, product launches and other large decisions, not for everyday improvement.

The reasons were simple: 

  • Market research was expensive to conduct.
  • A successful market research required experts to create a strategy, implement it and analyze the results
  • It was extremely time consuming and labor intensive since limited automation was available
  • Once a market research was used to support a business decision, it was rarely used again

The expertise, the cost and the time required prevented enterprises from leveraging market research to its full potential and take advantage of all available data for continuous improvement. 

What are the advantages of Semeon Analytics’ platform?

The development of AI-driven market research tools such as Semeon Analytics offers a solution to all businesses looking to gain insights from customer and market data. Most of the information enterprises need is widely available, but they are unable to properly leverage it to their advantage. Importing and analyzing vast amounts of data from diverse sources, classifying the data according to specific needs and generating business insights through accurate reporting: this is the value Semeon Analytics’ AI market research tool can offer to all organizations.

Time and money should not be wasted on the manual reading of thousands of free-text survey responses by market research analysts. Semeon’s platform is here to augment and simplify your work. Leverage actual data quickly with a proven AI-driven market research tool.

How can Semeon help conduct high-quality market research?

The advanced use of AI on Semeon’s platform offers significant advantages when it comes to cost, time and accuracy. We specialize in text analysis and provide valuable insight through advanced and accurate concept extraction, strong text analysis and reporting capabilities. 

By extracting the most relevant multi-word concepts directly from your data sources, you can know what was said, by whom and in which context in a matter of minutes. Thanks to NLP and sentiment analysis capabilities, Semeon can provide you with an up-to-date image of your organisation, its strengths and weaknesses, and its opportunities automatically.

Where does artificial intelligence save time in market research?

There are many tasks in the market research process that benefit from AI and automation as a whole: most of us are already familiar with the automation of quantitative research. Tools such as SurveyMonkey allow for simple data collection, while other more expensive tools are tailored for different markets or applications. However, the most time-consuming aspects of market research, and those requiring the most expertise, are data cleaning, data organization and data analysis.

This is where advanced AI capabilities can have a powerful impact on research. Analysis tools like Semeon automate the concept extraction and classification of data from any private and public sources. By automating those advanced processes, in addition to using advanced sentiment analysis, companies enable their analysts to concentrate on other key areas of their business. Many of Semeon’s clients reported up to a 90% time reduction when analysing unstructured data.

Semeon’s AI-driven market research performs qualitative analysis on a scale that is prohibitive for humans while still producing clear and accurate reports. It’s built-in graphical reports and dashboards provide users with clear reports and insights available to all, not only research experts.

Can anyone conduct market research using Semeon’s AI-Driven research tool?

Market research used to be confined to a select group of individuals with the expertise to analyze huge amounts of raw data, make sense of it all and create reports. Semeon Analytics democratizes the access to market research capabilities through the automation of processes,  advanced analysis and reporting capabilities, allowing even non-experts to gain valuable insights and improve on a day-to-day basis.  

The advanced capabilities of Semeon’s analytical tool in natural language processing (NLP), sentiment analysis and machine learning also effectively eliminate the time constraint related to market research. Processes that would otherwise take days are now done automatically in a matter of hours, even minutes. This is the solution for organization-wide use of market research, and will make possible the use of AI-driven market research in day-to-day operations.

What are Semeon’s multi-layered filters?

Multi-layered filters allow for visualization of a specific data view, and are made possible by advanced data classification. While this was previously only available to experts in tools such as pivot tables, Semeon’s clients can now apply simultaneously any number of filters to zoom in on relevant data that will answer their information needs, such as the source, domains, date and time, concepts and influencer. 

Additionally, clients can apply filters based on customer sentiment (positive, negative,neutral) and intent (inform, complain, praise, purchase, not purchase), which can help address customers’ pain points and  identify business opportunities with accuracy.

How can market research projects be repurposed?

As opposed to the traditional approach to market research that typically provides a static view in time, the use of AI allows the organization to repurpose research results at any given time as more data comes for day-to-day business decision-making. Data is classified and readily available for future analysis, even by different teams or departments in an organization.  

Furthermore, Semeon’s flexible and customizable classification system allows the same data to be used for multiple analyses – or conversely for the same classification effort to be applied to a new set of data!  The ability to “pay once, profit repeatedly” distinguished Semeon from other market research platforms. 

How is AI-driven research used for marketing?

Market research is an essential part of a successful marketing strategy. With Semeon Analytics allowing marketing teams to conduct market research on a day-to-day basis, they can leverage up-to-date insights on their customers in their marketing campaigns for improved results. 

Market research allows marketing teams to gain a deep understanding of the perception of any given brand and its products and services. Identifying top priority customer pain points, uncovering new market trends and competitive insights and establishing product development and pricing can all be achieved thanks to AI-driven market research.