Data Analysts, the time is nigh! Tame the data beast!

Aug 28, 2021 | AI and Big Data

Not everyone understands data. But you do. Data’s a beast. It’s big and awkward, difficult to manage, but awesomely powerful.  

The growing data beast

Even if they don’t completely understand it, your boss and colleagues  – the guys in marketing, sales and product development – can feel its power and know they need more.  Similarly, like so many organizations, yours probably recognizes the importance of consumer feedback.  It’s eagerly amassing vast quantities of the stuff, but without a real plan for what to do with it. This is not unusual.

“When using traditional approaches, only 20% of data is typically processed” 

Studies show that, when using traditional approaches, only 20% of an organization’s data is typically processed (source: Big Data Challenges).  While they feed the data monster, thereby increasing its size, your colleagues may not realize how hard it will be to tame that ever-growing beast.

Enter the data hero

Enter the Data Analyst Hero: you.  You face a seemingly insurmountable task.  Not only are you under pressure to making meaning and draw customer insights from this largely unstructured brute, but you’re often expected to crunch it within the bi-weekly development cycles.  While you may take on this tremendous pressure as a personal challenge, you are not alone.

“Exploring all possibilities becomes impossible”

Gartner, for one, recognizes that:

“Data scientists now have increasing amounts of data to prepare, analyze and group — and from which to draw conclusions. Given the amount of data, exploring all possibilities becomes impossible. This means businesses can miss key insights from hypotheses the data scientists don’t have the capacity to explore.” (source: Gartner’s Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2019)

Sound familiar?  Faced with the making sense of it all in a timely fashion, you might often be left wondering: Do they think I have a bleeping magic wand?!  

The AI “magic wand”

What if you had something better?  A tool kit that did the crunching for you so you could do the important bit – the fun bit – the part that makes you look like a heroic dragon-tamer: figure out what it means.  AI can’t do it alone. And it doesn’t want your job. To paraphrase Yale Professor Elliot Soloway, it’s not about making machines smarter with AI, it’s about making people smarter with the help of AI (source: Forbes).  These tools are only powerful in your hands with yourbrain to figure out what’s relevant.

“It’s about making people smarter with the help of AI”

AI analytic tools can wield incredible force.  Some might even call it magic. Semeon in particular has the awesome ability to tap into and aggregate any type of textual data sources (public, private, structured, unstructured) and quickly make sense of verbatim. (Have to tackle 10,000 open-ended customer surveys, hundreds of facebook comments and consumer stats? We’re talking hours instead of weeks.)

Semeon can easily structure and categorize insights to suit your needs and filter them based on any criteria.  It also segments and analyzes customer sentiment along the customer journey.  For example, airlines can analyze customer feedback and identify pain points from ticket bookings, through in-flight entertainment, to luggage collection.

Unlike other frequency-based tools, Semeon is context-based.  It keeps the meaning and context of what customer say, which is imperative to extract precision from customer feedback. If a flight “left a bad taste in the mouth”, Semeon knows that’s not about the food, but about customer experience. It also understands slang, irony and sarcasm (“just loved that three hour wait on the tarmac! :P”)  And it presents insights in concept clouds to help you make sense of this monster quickly, with mind-boggling precision and without human bias.

Start leading the conversation

We know organizations are embarking on a frenzy of data collection, which leaves many analysts overwhelmed.  You’re increasingly asked to do more with limited resources; the data beast is getting bigger, but your arsenal is not getting more powerful.  Of course, as much energy needs to go into organizing data as amassing it.

Enough of running behind other teams dashing towards the two week scrum cycle. With the right resources, you could be at the forefront: providing insights and even leading the conversation to improve things like marketing messaging and product design.  It’s not just about making your work easier and quicker, but about making it more meaningful and, at the end of the day, truly understanding the beast.

Need to convince your boss?  Request a demo to view the Semeon analytics tool and show how you can slay it.

Check out the link below to learn more about our platform. Or give us a call at 1800-630-6000.

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