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May 2019

Big Data, Big Emotions: Cracking Sentiment Analysis with the Power of AI

2019-07-16T14:55:44-05:00Categories: A.I and Big Data|Tags: , , , , |

“If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands.” If only communicating emotion was as easy as Raffi makes it out to be! But people are never that straightforward: they use complex language, nuance, sarcasm, double negatives, irony, and slang to share a huge range of emotions. Multiply [...]

May 2019

Refueling Digital Transformation: The Potential of Semantic AI and Acing Customer Experience

2019-05-13T10:48:35-05:00Categories: A.I and Big Data|Tags: , , , , |

Early promises of digital transformation were big and bold.  At the turn of the millennium, we were told that a shift from the manual to the digital would make us more efficient and responsive, and free us up for more fulfilling work.  In hindsight, many of us are frankly [...]

Apr 2019

Banking on Customer Experience: Bill C-86 and a Return to Service

2019-04-19T13:31:05-05:00Categories: Brand Reputation|Tags: , , , , , |

Last year, the Government of Canada introduced sweeping changes that will transform how banks and their customers interact. New regulations guiding conduct, transparency, and disclosure will shift both how banks do business and what customers will come to expect from their financial institutions. Of course, changes to the Bank [...]

Mar 2019

Getting off the ground with Bill C-49: Data challenges and opportunities for airlines

2019-04-19T13:33:19-05:00Categories: Brand Reputation|Tags: , , , , |

Bill C-49 will be a game-changer for air travellers and airlines alike.  While passengers will no doubt delight in new compensation for lost bags, airlines are understandably embracing the change with less enthusiasm. Any regulatory reform is a pain for implementation and compliance.  We get it. And yet this [...]

Feb 2019

How Semantic AI enables organizations to stay ahead of customers in a sea of feedback

2019-03-28T14:13:40-05:00Categories: A.I and Big Data, Brand Reputation|Tags: , , |

It costs five times more to gain a new customer than to keep an existing one (source: eConsultancy Cross-Channel Marketing Report).   One would think this would encourage companies to invest more in customer retention than bringing in new leads, but it’s easier said than done.  Staying on top [...]