Big Data & Ad Agencies: Giving Reason to Gut Decisions

“an overwhelming 83% of [Ad Agency] clients are looking for unique skill sets and specialized capabilities not found in most Ad Agencies or media buying firms.” Two of the areas with the most negative ratings are; Managing the Data explosion (70% were not satisfied) and analyzing data to create personalized experiences (only 29% gave positive reviews). There is not a marketer today who doesn’t want to know more about their customers, but for most teams this is next to impossible based on exclusive data silos, proprietary labels, and the different types of unstructured text. Big Data has allowed Ad Agencies and Brands to proactively learn about their customers from many digital channels, the biggest road-block is transforming the ocean of data into Actionable Insights.

It is said that genius lies at the intersection of creativity and science. Creating engaging, aligned campaigns, comes from a statistics-backed creative process. Netflix and Spotify have fantastic use cases that showcase the benefits of leveraging consumer data to create customer-centric products or advertisements. Netflix has been using Consumer-data from their own streaming service to create products that have high-chance of success in terms of viewership. Using viewer habits, they could make purchase decisions with high predictability rates based on what directors, genres, and the actors’ viewers watched most. Spotify used consumer data to create an engaging campaign surrounding the users’ listening habits in a fun and unique perspective. Another aspect of leveraging data comes from digital channels accelerating the feedback-loop process for testing campaigns before purchasing media space.

Social Media is an effective testing ground for campaigns before they hit the national stage, quickly gauge public perception and proactively align with customer-centric data. Listening to digital channels allows teams to prioritize the channels that help them optimize their customer experience. Ad Agency teams and Brands require a solution that is robust enough to tackle data from any source, transform the sea of data into relevant insights, and analyze textual data instead of counting the frequency of keywords. Semeon Analytics can help Ad Agency teams win more pitches by helping them become industry experts by turning customer data into Actionable Insights quickly. Using customer data, teams can align their campaigns with their clients’ consumers to improve engagement and boost ROI.


Make sure your gut decisions have statistical support, leading to winning more pitches and showcasing your ROI more clearly. Contact Semeon Analytics to learn how you can proactively align your next campaign with the customers that matter most!

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