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Improved Contact Center Experience for Customers and Employees

Semeon’s Tools for You

Semeon can help you monitor agent performance and customer satisfaction, draw meaningful conclusions and set a data-driven course of action.

A better contact center experience for your customers and employees.

Pool together your conversational data from text chats, call transcripts and surveys into Semeon’s platform to follow the customer’s journey across channels.

 Siloed information and dealing with multiple departments is frequently one of customers’ greatest frustrations. With Semeon, you can simply drag and drop topics from your data into defined categories, such as departments, to help you see where your organization lacks inter-departmental communication.

Quickly identify training priorities.

Categorize feedback by agent or by recurring complaints and provide ongoing training according to your findings.

 Drill-down into negative feedback to find out how you can improve the effectiveness of your employees, products and processes. Use positive feedback to highlight where agents shine, and track improvement overtime with complete dashboards.

Airline customer feedack

That’s a Success Story

Semeon was approached by a major passenger airline seeking to automate the intensely manual process of interpreting, classifying and routing customer feedback.

Semeon’s native capability to extract and assign relevance scores to long chain concepts immediately demonstrated its capacity to replace human interpretation of customer feedback.

Semeon’s flexible design allowed the airline to map most of its existing classification hierarchy directly into Semeon’s processes. This allowed a seamless integration without changing the airline’s existing reports, processes or workflows. And during the onboarding process, the airline used real data to train and enhance Semeon’s classification results to tailor the output specific to their needs.

Based on the hierarchy information and keyword results provided by Semeon, the  airline was able to decide that an independently implemented routing software would be the best path forward for the company.

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What Our Clients Say About Us

“Our work is critical to driving our Corporate objectives, and Semeon’s platform has been instrumental in assisting us in providing quality analysis, reports and customer support.”

Alain Mizrahi


“Semeon and their staff have always delivered timely, accurate, cost effective quality work to our organization. We recommend Semeon for the depth of their product and the quality of their support staff.”

Guillaume Chevalier

Head of Innovation

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