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Congregate All of Your Customer Feedback Data

Analytical Tools for Customer Experience Management

Large volumes of customer feedback are coming in fast and from all channels. Semeon can help you take charge of your feedback data and provide the global view required to improve customer experience management.

Know what matters most to your customers.

Semeon helps you gather customer feedback from all public and private sources: social media comments, reviews, forums, emails and more. 

Drill into any of your data categories to find out exactly what is said about a specific area of your business to address pain points or capitalize on an opportunity.

Semeon’s unique ability to apply multiple data filters at a time can help you gain rich persona insight and optimize conversions quickly.

Know where your brand stands.

Semeon can gather public data about your company and your competitors to allow you to conduct a competitive benchmark based on the KPI’s of your choice.

Use the sentiment cloud to expose the positive and negative aspects related to your customers’ experience with your products or services. 

Visualize your customers’ sentiment and intent over time with complete dashboards to track how newly implemented changes are performing.

That’s a Success Story

Semeon worked with representatives of a prestigious New York City hotel and was tasked with analyzing publicly available reviews and comments to illustrate the consumer’s perception of the hotel’s strengths and weaknesses.

Analysis demonstrated a trend in consumer disappointment concerning the “A-la-carte” offerings and identified specific weaknesses in the service offerings.  Analysis also revealed that the prime location and proximity to popular destinations were the hotel’s principle stated attraction to consumers, significantly above both the high quality of staff and room amenities.

Semeon’s ability to identify, quantify and determine the sentiment of key themes from available online qualitative data allowed the hotel’s representatives to suggest improvements to a-la-carte offerings to better conform with customer expectations and eliminate a significant source of consumer negativity.  In addition, the hotel representatives were able to suggest a focus of future marketing efforts on promoting an advantageous location to maximum advantage.

Our clients

What Our Clients Say About Us

“We have the highest regard for the work Semeon has produced on our behalf. The power and precision of Semeon’s platform has helped us gain actionable insights about user experience.”

Alexandre Tellier

Research Director

“Semeon’s team immediately understood how our political research needs differed from a corporate client and the analysis they provided each week was insightful and thorough.”

Christine L. Matthews


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