5 Tips to Improve your Customer Experience

Aug 28, 2021 | Customer Experience

Optimizing Brand’s Customer Experience is all the rage this year, for good reason. It enriches the customer’s buying journey, leads to more sales, more repeat customers, and a deeper understanding of your customer’s wants and needs. Engaging with customer’s during the research phase allows Brand’s to create an emotional connection with their customers, which is essential to a business that optimizes for an emotional connection outperforms competitors by 85% in sales growth. This article will focus on 5 areas of the Customer Experience that can be optimized, and actual tools and features to get you there.

1. Actively listen to your customers throughout every step of their buyer’s journey

Sounds easy, especially coming from a small company that has less than 100 clients. Fair, very fair point but that is why we allow AI to be our eyes, ears, and mouth everywhere else. Innovations over the last few years have propelled Chat-bot companies into the limelight, and for good reason. These Chat-bots have evolved into great assets for any company looking to facilitate the Customer’s Experience. Tools such as Pure Chat make it easy to implement Chat-bots into your website experience and fuel better engagements with your customer’s during a valuable time – when they are on your website.

2. Understand your customer’s wants and needs.

I am sure everyone reading this sighed the proverbial “duh” under their breath, but with situations happening every month, this still needs to be emphasized. Do you remember the massive CPG conglomerate Proctor & Gamble spending millions on marketing their new product at the time; Tide Pods? It was released to a positive response, unfortunately, sales were lacklustre and Tide had no idea why. They started to collect customer data from various digital channels and found massively essential concepts that drove their content and product teams to grow the brand to what it is today. “Thousands of children going to the hospital” and “Tide Pods look like candy” were two of the most relevant and prolific ideas surrounding their brand and leveraging these concepts Tide had the power to turn their crisis into a growing experience that leads them to improved sales and branding that spoke to their customer’s wants and needs. Text Analytics features such as Concept Clouds allow Product and Content teams that insights that help them make better business decisions and allow them to align their decisions with the customers in mind

3. Create an emotional connection to your customers

Intuitively difficult, exponentially important – building emotional connectivity with potentially millions of customers is daunting for most marketing teams. The power of knowing how your customers feel about your communication strategy, especially over time, is invaluable to that previously mentioned connection. Being able to A/B test your audiences’ responses to posts, and showing how they perceive your brand over time bring immense value to Branding and communication teams that help them make relevant and timely content. We suggest utilizing a Sentiment tracker or a Sentiment timeline to analyze and leverage your consumer’s emotional reactions to your product releases, content strategy, and branding!

4. Proactively adjust the channels to consistently gather input from your customers

“If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?” In the digital world, if you are communicating to a channel (such as a forum or Twitter) that you are unsure there is any return on your efforts, you are most certainly not making a sound. Understanding what channels your audience uses, where they collect their information specific to brands, and where they communicate with brands is key to a healthy and engaging customer experience. Customers’ want to be listened to wherever they are speaking and they care indefinitely about their needs being understood and met. When you listen to your customer, engage them with relevant and helpful pieces of content such as coupons or best practices, you will be rewarded with committed consumers who become your Brand Influencers. Channel analytics by companies such as Sprinklr and Microsoft Social Engagement allow teams to quickly assess where their marketing budget should be spent, meaning those extra marketing $$ will be of more value for the team.

5. Ensure your Customer Experience is consistent across all digital channel

Here is a stone-cold fact: consumers research products, communicate with brands, and speak to one another on multiple channels and social media sites, regularly at the same time. They will see the irregularities and that shows a lack of care and attention to the customers and their search to find the perfect product for them. Naturally, we are most comfortable with places and people we have experience with, so it makes marketing sense to keep your pages consistent and fuel that feeling of comfort within your consumers.

Semeon Analytics is a proud supporter of Customer Experiences across all industries, we have fueled better business decisions for brands such as; Sephora, Honda, Aldo, and much more.

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