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Congregate All of Your Customer Feedback Data Using Artificial Intelligence

Use Semeon’s text analytics tool as a powerful customer insights software for your CX Management

Transform your customer data into meaningful insights using Semeon’s text analytics software. We automatically organize your customer feedback to identify pain points, areas of improvement and opportunities for better decision-making.

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Analytical Tools for Customer Experience Management

Large volumes of customer feedback are coming in fast and from all channels. Semeon can help you take charge of your feedback data analytics and provide the global view required to improve customer experience management.

Know what matters most to your customers.

Semeon helps you gather customer feedback from all public and private sources: social media comments, reviews, forums, emails and more. Drill into any of your data categories to find out exactly what is said about a specific area of your business to address pain points or capitalize on an opportunity. Semeon’s unique ability to apply multiple data filters at a time can help you gain rich personal insight and optimize conversions quickly.

Know where your brand stands.

Semeon can gather public data about your company and your competitors to allow you to conduct a competitive benchmark based on the KPIs of your choice. Use the sentiment cloud to expose the positive and negative aspects related to your customers’ experience with your products or services. Visualize your customers’ sentiment and intent over time with complete dashboards to track how newly implemented changes are performing.

Leverage your feedback data using text analytics insights

Deliver Insights to the Right People

Democratize access to customer insight with an intuitive text analytics platform that can be used by any team in your organization. Semeon delivers real-time insight to the right people, facilitating day-to-day business decisions.

90% Less Time Spent on Analysis

No more wasting time manually coding and analyzing unstructured text. Upload open-ended survey responses, chat and call center transcripts into Semeon Analytics to get automatic feedback categorization and multilayered insights.

Data-Driven Action Plans

Stop guessing and reacting, start predicting your next steps: proactively address customer pain points by leveraging their feedback in real-time with Semeon Analytics. Choose a text analytics software built for data-driven and agile customer experience management.

Customized Classification of Data

Draw meaningful insights fast with Semeon Analytics’ advanced data classification. Customize your own categories and apply multi-layered filters to uncover and address pain points in your customer experience journey.

Meaningful Reports and Visuals

Communicate your results easily to key stakeholders and collaborators with intuitive reports and clear data visualization. Create and share reports in a few clicks, and make your customer data actionable.

Interested in using Semeon as your customer insights software? Contact us for a demo using your own feedback data.

Learn how our client leveraged customer insights to improve its services

A success story using Semeon’s CX solution

Semeon worked with representatives of a prestigious New York City hotel and was tasked with analyzing publicly available reviews and comments to illustrate the consumer’s perception of the hotel’s strengths and weaknesses.

Analysis demonstrated a trend in consumer disappointment concerning the “À-la-carte” offerings and identified specific weaknesses in the service offerings.  Analysis also revealed that the prime location and proximity to popular destinations were the hotel’s principle stated attraction to consumers, significantly above both the high quality of staff and room amenities.

Semeon Analytics’ ability to identify, quantify and determine the sentiment of key themes from available online qualitative data allowed the hotel’s representatives to suggest improvements to a la carte offerings to better conform with customer expectations and eliminate a significant source of consumer negativity.  In addition, the hotel representatives were able to suggest a focus of future marketing efforts on promoting an advantageous location to maximum advantage.

Our clients

What our customers say about our customer experience solution

“I am confident that using a context-based approach has allowed us to understand our members, communication channels, and brand on a deeper level.”

Victoria Hubbell

Senior Vice-President

“Semeon and their staff have always delivered timely, accurate, cost effective quality work to our organization. We recommend Semeon for the depth of their product and the quality of their support staff.”

Guillaume Chevalier

Head of Innovation

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Learn more about Semeon Analytics and how it can replace a customer insights software

What is Customer Experience (CX)?

Your customers interact with your brand in a multitude of ways, and customer experience is created through those many interactions. No matter the nature or the length of a customer  interaction, such as calling your contact center, seeing an ad online, buying a product on your platform or just browsing your website, every single interaction shapes the customer’s perception of your brand. The sum of these interactions, positive and negative, create your brand’s customer experience.

In today’s market, brands compete for increasingly aware and demanding clients, and creating relationships that foster loyalty is essential for success. With online shopping, customers have little to no switching costs, and all it takes is a single bad experience for customers to abandon a brand. If that is true, how can a brand foster loyalty?  Remarkable customer experiences are without a doubt the key to success!

What is the impact of good customer experience management?

The all-encompassing nature of CX requires all teams (marketing, product development, sales, etc.) to collaborate and offer a seamless and consistent experience for customers. When done right and on a continuous basis, CXM is a great competitive advantage for any business.

Agile CXM is the key to building a long-term and loyal customer base.. When customers are delighted by the experiences that a brand provides, they are more likely to go out of their way to buy from them again. Considering the high acquisition cost of a new or lost customer, it is to every brand’s advantage to invest in customer experience to optimize every touch point of the customer journey. 

How does Semeon’s customer insights software enhance your CXM?

Creating a great customer experience starts with a deep understanding of their needs and wants and what the competitive marketplace is offering. However, many enterprises fail to leverage their customer data because they lack the time and the proper tools to do so. Our advanced text analytics software powered by artificial intelligence acts as a customer insights software, allowing brands to take advantage of all available data for their business decisions, and proactively address their clients’ needs, wants and pain points.

Collect data from any public and private sources to get a complete 360 view of your customers and identify the key areas of improvement that can have a significant impact on their satisfaction. Our software’s powerful data analytics capabilities and advanced categorization provide everyone in your organization with a relevant view of the information and insights they need to support their business decisions, keeping customers at the center of it all. For example, customer feedback data can be categorized by product, stage of the customer journey, customer support, in-store experience and any other custom categories relevant to your business. 

What is the difference between Customer Experience and Customer Service?

Customer experience and service are correlated. Simply put, customer service is a component of the overall customer experience that contributes to the creation of a relationship between potential customers and your brand. Customer service is there to try and solve mistakes or shortcomings of your product or service. 

Oftentimes, customer service is dreaded by customers who have come to expect poor communication, endless waiting time and many call transfers. Semeon’ text analytics software has helped numerous call centers monitor agent performance and customer satisfaction, ultimately providing the insights required to identify training opportunities and improve interdepartmental communication. 


Which departments have an impact on Customer Experience?

Every team or individual that interacts with customers, directly or indirectly, will have an impact on the relationship between the brand and its customers. The main actors when creating a positive customer experience are marketing, sales, products and customer service.


A marketing department is responsible for customer outreach, and are often responsible for the customer’s first impression of a brand. In today’s interconnected world, brands are present on many different platforms and constantly communicate with potential customers through ads and social media. Leveraging all available data on consumers allows marketing teams to accurately target the evolving needs of consumers and stay ahead of their competition.


The sales department is responsible for giving potential customers reasonable expectations about a product or service. They need to meet the client’s needs and facilitate their journey as much as possible, which can only be achieved by understanding your customers.


The product or service is the base of the relationship with a customer, and is improved upon by customer experience. In order to create loyal customers through CX, businesses need to provide products that meet or surpass the reliability, affordability, ease of use and durability expectations of their clients. Semeon’s feedback data analytics can guide product development towards goods and services that are tailored to customers’ needs.

Customer Service

With the growth of online shopping, customer support is often the only instance during which a client will interact directly with an employee. Customer service is where critical consumer insights and feedback are gathered: how customers interact with the products, if their expectations are being met and how the customer base is evolving.

What are common customer pain points?

Pain points are problems experienced by customers at any point in their experience with your business. These pain points affect their customer journey and negatively impact their customer experience. 

Often, pain points stem from a disconnect between your brand and the potential clients: the client feels like your brand doesn’t understand him (voluntarily or not) or that you are not trying to facilitate their experience. Common pain points for clients are

  • A website that is difficult to navigate or a platform that isn’t intuitive or overly complicated 
  • Marketing efforts that fail to connect with them as individuals
  • Wrong products or products that fail to meet their expectations
  • Poor customer support before, during or after a sale

The only way to answer these pain points quickly is a proactive customer feedback analysis  to constantly improve your brand’s customer experience. A customer insights software for customer experience management like Semeon’s text analytics platform is the perfect tool for this task.

How does Semeon Analytics collect customer feedback?

Semeon collects customer feedback data from both public and private sources. We partner with content providers as needed so our text analytics software can access public data sources of all kinds. This can be Twitter data, Facebook Data, blog and review data and more.

When it comes to private data sources, Semeon’s customer analytics software can extract data from company emails, internal documents, CRM systems, support tickets, survey data, communication networks and more. Our text analytics software can even convert voice data from call centers into a text format that can be analyzed in our solution. 

What are Semeon’s multi-layered filters?

Multi-layered filters allow for visualization of a specific data view, and are made possible by advanced data classification. While this used to be reserved to trained individuals able to use pivot tables and other tools, Semeon’s clients can use our software to apply any number of filters simultaneously to zoom in on the right information, such as the source, domains, date and time, concepts and influencer. 

Additionally, clients can apply filters based on customer sentiment (positive, negative,neutral) and intent (inform, complain, praise, purchase, not purchase), which can help address customers’ pain points and  identify business opportunities with accuracy.