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Surfing the customer data tsunami - Semeon eBook - 2019

Because online reactions are instant and fleeting, developing a deep understanding of your customers provides a crucial competitive edge.

Information gathered during every customer interaction with your brand holds a wealth of demographic, behavioral, and contextual information. Each interaction provides an opportunity to learn more about your customers’ satisfaction and their intent. Extracting meaning from that data is both an art and a science.

Data analysts and marketing research teams are typically behind this magic. They are tasked with efficiently gathering, connecting, and then analyzing information from multiple data sources and marketing channels. All this before the data is appropriately contextualized so actionable insights can be extracted.

But data analysts have one major problem: they are constantly fighting against the clock. Like a used car, customer data loses value every day. This morning’s survey data is worth much more than last month’s customer service tickets.

It currently takes most analysts several weeks before they can start gaining insights from client data. Verbatims must first be coded, sorted, and delivered to the analyst. Only then can their work begin.

Machine learning and AI: these aren’t just fancy buzzwords, but concrete tools that make the analyst’s job easier and faster.

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