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Multichannel sourcing

Use the drag and drop import feature to upload data from any public and private sources: survey data, social content, blogs, support tickets and more.

Multilingual processing

Semeon can process 10+ languages with native proficiency – no translation means no loss of information- to provide the highest level of accuracy.

Sentiment analysis

Semeon visually identifies the positive, negative or neutral ideas extracted from your data with green, red and grey color-coding respectively.

Multi-word expressions

Semeon extracts fully expressed ideas rather than single-word keywords to save you hours of manual verbatim analysis to interpret. This is the difference between “Problem” and “Problem shipping to Canada”.

Context-based categorization

Semeon extracts the most relevant concepts from your data. Use Semeon’s natively extracted concepts or create your own custom categories.

Category hierachy

Make sense of your data using a pre-existing category hierarchy or define a new one using the drag and drop category manager.

Category drill-down

Drill into any category to explore the specific sentences attached to it to find out who said what, and in which context.

Sentiment override

Change the sentiment evaluation to train Semeon’s AI on how you prefer to evaluate your data, or to create a visualization that better aligns with your messaging objectives.

Track sentiment overtime

Monitor a concept, sentiment, intent or even an individual overtime to see how the actions you have taken are performing.

Intent evaluation

Semeon’s out-of-the-box intent filter allows you to find brand supporters and detractors and understand their intent to purchase or to complain.

Re-query existing data

Repurpose existing data and conduct information discovery by launching a new query against the original data set at any point in time.

Intuitive dashboards

Generate graphical reports and dashboards that you can filter by any field defined in your data: date range, sentiment, category, gender, income, area code and more.

Powerful multi-layered filters

Semeon gives you the unique ability to simultaneously combine multiple filters and view the resulting intersection of data- an analytical power previously restricted to experts using pivot tables.

Rich search feature

Search any type of simple or complex data as search strings and combine your search across any number of data sets from any point in time.

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950 CA$/ month

Flexible pricing means that we make sure to provide a solution that fits your analytical objectives, budget and volume of feedback data.

Professional services

A Team of Experts at Your Service

For one-time or recurring text analysis projects, our services team offers a turnkey solution or can step in at any time to help with training, data analysis, advanced classification and more.

Our Clients

What Our Clients Say About Us

“Semeon has been instrumental in assisting us with providing quality analysis, reports and customer support for our social media management services.”

Daniel Forman

CO-founder and CEO

“Our work is critical to driving our Corporate objectives, and Semeon’s platform has been instrumental in assisting us in providing quality analysis, reports and customer support.”

Alain Mizrahi


“The team we worked with at Semeon did an amazing job at zeroing in on exactly what we wanted to measure and worked along with us throughout the project to customize the reports and research products.”

Christine L. Matthews


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