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Time and money should not be wasted on the manual reading of thousands of free-text survey responses by market research analysts. Semeon’s platform is here to augment and simplify your work.

From hours to minutes.

Upload open-ended survey responses and call center transcripts into Semeon and get multi-layered insights in a matter of minutes.

Draw meaningful conclusions fast.

Categorize your feedback data how you need it and apply multiple filters at once to uncover trends, recurring topics of complain and deliver context to your plan of action.

Use our complete dashboards to visualize, track progress overtime and provide context to your plan of action.

That’s a Success Story

A major market research corporation approached Semeon for help tracking online consumer content in French and Spanish concerning 8 global apparel brands.

The goals were to establish the relative strengths connected to each of the brands and to determine how they competed both with “weaker” and with more luxury focused brands – and in what categories (price or design, for example) consumers made such comparisons.

Semeon’s capacity to isolate the topics related to each brand saved market researchers the hours of extensive preparatory research usually required to identify what topics would be of interest to track. In addition, Semeon’s proprietary relevance algorithms allowed the rapid isolation of the axes of comparison between brands made by consumer within each language group.

Information obtained using Semeon allowed market researchers to adjust ongoing campaigns to reflect consumer interest and tailor messaging specific to consumers in each language market.

Our clients

What Our Clients Say About Us

“I am confident that using a context-based approach has allowed us to understand our members, communication channels, and brand on a deeper level.”

Victoria Hubbell

Senior Vice-President

“Semeon and their staff have always delivered timely, accurate, cost effective quality work to our organization. We recommend Semeon for the depth of their product and the quality of their support staff.”

Guillaume Chevalier

Head of Innovation

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