Microtargeting: The Elections, and what Marketers can learn to boost Customer Experience

Trump and Microtargeting

Since the 2000 elections, Microtargeting has been an essential piece in winning the American elections, that is 5 elections in a row that are influenced by this data-driven tactic. Let’s start with a simple definition, what is Microtargeting? Microtargeting is the use by political parties and election campaigns of direct marketing datamining techniques that involve predictive market segmentation (aka cluster analysis). Thanks Wikipedia, us Marketers can learn a lot from how political parties divided up their audiences into segmentations from the data collected online. 17 years later and modern Marketers are now implementing similar techniques to their digital channels.

This data-driven approach starts with collecting data from their multiple channels; whether it be polls, social media data, and demographic interests by state. The next step is the most difficult to execute and regarded as the most important; finding the relevant patterns. Once teams understand the patterns in the data they divide (the demographics) and conquer. In 2004 Karl Rove, considered the “architect” of presidential election by Bush Jr. himself. What Rove realized is each micro-demographic, as in young Latina families in California, have majorly different political agendas. Once these micro-demographics were defined, specific and targeted messages were crafted for each group. For example: These young Latina families mentioned earlier may care most about public schools, while families from the same heritage and state may care more about work opportunities if their children are older. This division of message, is a major technique used in every election, especially this last one by Trump’s political team. Trump, whether you love or hate him, tapped into the voter interests and preferences and possibly most effective was voters’ fears.

In 2017, successful brands can tap into the interests of each relevant demographic, and provide actionable messaging that drives sales and Customer Experience. Consumers have much more power than they did, say 30 years ago, this is due in part to the accountability provided by Social Media networks and the increase in competition over the years. Crafting effective, engaging messaging starts with a robust data analysis strategy.

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