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In addition to survey data and public customer feedback, your product management team could be sitting on a mine of dormant insights from support tickets and win-lose report notes from your CRM system and more.

Listen to your customers' feedback.

Semeon helps you gather customer feedback from all public and private sources: social media comments, reviews, support tickets and more.

Make sense of prospective or current customer suggestions and complaints by creating a category hierarchy that meets your needs such as product areas, feature groups or user types.

Drill into categories to find out who said what and reach out to understand customers’ product pains and get them involved in testing new features.

Identify product development priorities quickly.

Semeon’s concept isolation capability will help you see instantaneously the most pressing and recurring issues customers encounter using your product or service.

Use the sentiment-labelled concept cloud and dashboards to help convince your team to adopt your product roadmap.

That’s a Success Story

A video game publisher contracted Semeon to analyze and report on trends among video game consumers in the RPG segment with the goal of identifying key components of consumer likes and dislikes in order to help steer development of their latest video game. 


Data sources included online consumer posts, reviews, comments and a pool of private feedback data collected by the publisher. Semeon’s ability to classify the themes expressed by consumers into relational hierarchies allowed analysts to isolate the likes and dislikes of consumers regarding other video game titles in relation to features, modes of play, artistic styles and cash-shop offerings.

The results of Semeon’s analysis enabled the publisher to avoid pitfalls previously discovered by others while focusing development efforts on game elements with a demonstrated popularity among consumers.

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“Semeon has been instrumental in assisting us with providing quality analysis, reports and customer support for our social media management services.”

Daniel Forman

Co-founder and CEO

“The team we worked with at Semeon did an amazing job at zeroing in on exactly what we wanted to measure and worked along with us throughout the project to customize the reports and research products.”

Christine L. Matthews


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