Customer Feedback Analysis for Agile Product Experience Management

Multichannel and actionable insights for agile product experience management

Semeon’s text analysis software does all the heavy lifting for you, transforming your raw, unstructured data into actionable reports and insights for your business decisions. 

A report created by Semeon's professional services team displaying top concepts by frequency

Understand customer feedback from all sources

In addition to survey data and public customer feedback, your product management team could be sitting on a mine of dormant insights from support tickets and win-lose report notes from your CRM system and more. Our software helps you extract meaningful insight from your multi channel feedback, all within one centralized platform.

Listen to your customers' feedback about your products

Semeon helps you gather customer feedback from all public and private sources: social media comments, reviews, support tickets and more.

Make sense of perspective or current customer suggestions and complaints by creating a category hierarchy that meets your needs such as product areas, feature groups or user types.

Drill into categories to find out who said what and reach out to understand customers’ product pains and get them involved in testing new features.


Identify product development priorities quickly with accurate customer data

Semeon can gather public data about your company and your competitors to allow you to conduct a competitive benchmark based on the KPI’s of your choice.

Use the sentiment cloud to expose the positive and negative aspects related to your customers’ experience with your products or services. 

Visualize your customers’ sentiment and intent over time with complete dashboards to track how newly implemented changes are performing.


The benefits of PXM

Capture the Voice of Your Customers

Capture the voice of your customers through accurate concept extraction and classification. Leverage real time and insightful reporting  in your marketing and product offering.

Reduce Your Analysis Time and Costs

Spend 90% less time coding and analyzing unstructured text. Upload open-ended survey responses, chat and call center transcripts into Semeon Analytics to get automatic feedback categorization and multilayered insights.

Product Information Tailored to Clients

Rely on analytics to find the product information your clients are looking for to ease their journey. Create a better customer experience based on their feedback and factors such as language, culture, location and product use.

Develop a data-driven product roadmap

Easily conduct competitive benchmarking using your own set of metrics and carve out your unique niche, compare your product performance and qualify new market opportunities.

Close the Product Experience Gap

Explore the top positive and negative concepts within each of your unique categories to improve product experiences. Track key concepts over time and the impact your implemented measures have on your PXM.

Know where your product stands at all times

​​With real-time text analytics, maintain an edge over competitors by anticipating which customer needs you should solve and unmet needs you can fulfill faster.

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Learn how one of our clients was able to leverage its customer’s data to create a successful product

A success story using Semeon’s PXM tools

A video game publisher contracted Semeon to analyze and report on trends among video game consumers in the RPG segment with the goal of identifying key components of consumer likes and dislikes in order to help steer development of their latest video game.

Data sources included online consumer posts, reviews, comments and a pool of private feedback data collected by the publisher. Semeon’s ability to classify the themes expressed by consumers into relational hierarchies allowed analysts to isolate the likes and dislikes of consumers regarding other video game titles in relation to features, modes of play, artistic styles and cash-shop offerings.

The results of Semeon’s analysis enabled the publisher to avoid pitfalls previously discovered by others while focusing development efforts on game elements with a demonstrated popularity among consumers.

Our clients

What our clients say about our AI-driven analytics

“I am confident that using a context-based approach has allowed us to understand our members, communication channels, and brand on a deeper level.”

Victoria Hubbell

Senior Vice-President

“Semeon and their staff have always delivered timely, accurate, cost effective quality work to our organization. We recommend Semeon for the depth of their product and the quality of their support staff.”

Guillaume Chevalier

Head of Innovation

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Learn more about Semeon’s product management tools

What is Product Experience Management (PXM)?

Product Experience Management is a part of Customer Experience Management (CXM) that focuses on creating a unique customer experience through products. PXM relies on data to create products that reflect customer’s individual preferences and address their needs accurately. Simply put, great PXM will create an emotional link between the product and the customer. 

Offering good customer service and quality products is a good start, but not nearly enough to secure customers. Clients in today’s market are looking for quality product information, a consistent offering from the enterprise and personalized product experience taking into account factors such as language, culture and usage. With high levels of competition and tech-savvy customers, it is extremely difficult for enterprises to be successful without good PXM.

How can text analysis tools improve PXM?

Product experience management aims to improve customer experience through a company’s product offering. In today’s market, new products must reflect the needs of the customers, offer a personalized experience and provide all the right information. An inability to do so will negatively affect customer loyalty as they move on to a competitor’s offering . Text analysis and AI are the answer to leveraging huge amounts of feedback data, both from public and private sources, to offer the right product to the right public. A tailored product offering is the key to creating loyal customers.

How does PXM differ from CXM?

Consumer Experience Management (CXM) has the broad goal of improving the customer’s experience and perception of a company, enterprise or organization as a whole. This covers all aspects of customer engagement, such as customer service and brand messaging, in order to improve customer experience. 

PXM shares the same goal but focuses on the product aspect of CX in order to achieve those goals. Simply put, CXM aims to create a good relationship between customers and the brand, while PXM’s goal is to create a good relationship between customers and the products.

What are the advantages of Semeon Analytics’ platform?

AI-powered analytical tools like Semeon can gather data on your customers to make sense of their perspective. Collecting data from all public and private sources, analyzing it and creating actionable reports allow enterprises to base their product decisions on customer suggestions, complaints and pain points. Knowing what product information your customers are looking for allows you to adjust your offering and increase your sales.

Is PXM using Semeon’s tools difficult?

Product experience management used to be confined to a select group of individuals with the expertise to analyze huge amounts of raw data, make sense of it all and create reports. Semeon Analytics democratizes PXM with advanced analysis and reporting capabilities, allowing even non-experts to gain valuable insights.  

Semeon’s Natural Language Processing (NLP), sentiment analysis, concept extraction and advanced classification of data capabilities removes the technical part of PXM. Everyone in an enterprise, sales team, marketing teams and many more, can benefit from accurate reports by Semeon analytics to develop products tailored to the customer’s needs.

What are Semeon’s multi-layered filters?

ulti-layered filters allow for visualization of a specific data view, and are made possible by advanced data classification. While this was previously only available to experts in tools such as pivot tables, Semeon’s clients can now apply simultaneously any number of filters to zoom in on relevant data that will answer their information needs. 

Additionally, clients can apply filters based on customer sentiment (positive, negative,neutral) and intent (inform, complain, praise, purchase, not purchase), which can help address customers’ pain points and  identify product development opportunities.