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Get your team immediately enthusiastic and comfortable using Semeon’s platform with personalized training sessions.
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Easily accomplished, via screenshare, Semeon’s custom training plan takes into account your team’s level of knowledge and your specific analytical objectives.

General training is typically completed within five hours and fine-tuning training sessions on specific areas of the platform can quickly be scheduled as needed.

Custom classification

We can create a classification structure specific to your reporting needs, for use with current or future data classification efforts.
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If you are already using a reporting structure or filing system to classify your data, our service team can import or recreate it for you, letting you transition to automated classification with no alteration of workflow or downstream changes required.

The services team can create new classification structures to represent the data as it exists in the corpus or according to classification structures required for your business to make sense of the data.

Are there specific ideas that need to be tracked, no matter how inconsequential they might be in your data? We can create user defined concepts and labels to classify alongside native concepts. This lets you find and classify even the most tangential of expressed ideas.


Our services team can prepare a report on data processed by Semeon to your specifications.
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Reporting images can include graphical data representations native to the Semeon UI with a variety of filter settings applied, or custom images created from post-classification data or filter axis.

Powerpoint and PDF reports can be produced to provide concise details and visual representations of the data. Based on your stated objectives, these reports can also include call-outs and recommendations.

Data import

The quality of any analysis hinges on how you look at your data.
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The correct identification of data points, required filters and advantageous segmentation opportunities is a critical step in obtaining the desired analytical results. Our team can help you determine the best axis of analysis and required filters based on the questions you are looking to answer.

Data analysis

Our professional analysts can evaluate your data for you, isolating key themes or indicating trends.
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When the sentiment of every post counts, the services team can manually verify the Semeon engine’s evaluation to guarantee the highest possible accuracy by checking for low confidence scores – this is particularly of value where the data consists of fragments rather than sentences.

Take advantage of the advanced filtering capabilities of Semeon’s platform by exploring the intersection of many filter values to highlight categories of interest and allow the clear visualization of specific segments of the data.

Turnkey project

For one time or recurring projects, choose our turnkey solution to save your organization time and resources.
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You do not need in-house expertise to take advantage of Semeon’s platform. Our services team can take on any of your text analysis projects from start to finish. Your dedicated Semeon expert will scope your project according to your analytical objectives and deliver insightful reports based on the agreed timeline.

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Try our ALL-INCLUSIVE turnkey solution for 2 months for 2,900 CA$. We take care of everything for you:

  • Guided tour and access to the platform
  • Data import and complete analysis by our experts
  • Monthly custom report
  • One-on-one report delivery with comments


Annual subscription starting at

950 CA$/ month

Flexible pricing means that we make sure to provide a solution that fits your analytical objectives, budget and volume of feedback data.

That’s a Success Story

A market research firm used Semeon’s professional services team to gather intelligence from social media and broader non-commercial web sources from six key states during the U.S. elections.

Over a six week period, weekly insights including sentiment of online mentions, most relevant themes and frequency of related concepts allowed the research firm to track the campaigns of all candidates and gage the public response to key campaign elements.

In addition, the professional services team provided specific analysis of twitter feeds during live debates and delivered dynamic reports showcasing the mentions, topics and alerts which emerged prior to the start of, during and up to 4 hours following the events. Formal reports including exported graphical images from the Semeon platform were generated in Powerpoint & Excel for further use by the research firm.

Semeon’s capacity to examine vast amounts of data, extract and rank key themes and to gauge the sentiment enabled market researchers to rapidly advise their clients and suggest adjustments based on data-driven analysis of evolving trendlines.

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