Optimize your CX journey to become Customer-Centric

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Understand Customer intent to optimize CX design

AI powered SAAS platform enabling unparalleled precision to extract full ideas, sentiment and intent. Remove customer perspective siloes by crossing together public data (social media, blogs, forums, news) and private data (surveys, emails, call center, CRM).

Optimize CX design to enrich the customers buying journey, drive more sales, retain customers longer and develop a deeper understanding of customer wants and needs to better innovate.

Semeon enables you to grasp in real time what customers are saying

Customer Journey Map.

Semeon is industry agnostic and can service any type of Customer Experience.

Automate the tracking customer satisfaction levels along your Customer Journey Map and learn very precisely what improvements are required to increase customer engagement.


Concept Clouds.

Different from typical frequency-based word clouds, Semeon unique Concept Clouds highlights the full ideas, conversations, and opinions that are statistically relevant to what your customers think and want.

Sentiment and Intent.

Proactively follow the Voice of your Customers over time across all channels. Pinpoint where changes to your public perception are to optimize your CX with relevant and timely insights.


Multi-Channel Influencer Network.

Immediately leverage Who and Where the Voice of the Customer have more influence on your Brand Perception to dynamically optimize your CX and boost ROI.

Discover how to leverage Customer
Intelligence to design optimal CX

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