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Take Your Analytical Capabilities to the Next Level

In today’s market, where financial services differentiation is limited and customer expectations are as high as ever, delivering a frictionless experience is key to building strong relationships and driving lifetime customer value. Semeon’s text analytics platform can help you understand and prioritize customer feedback to get actionable KPI insights to power your CX initiatives.

This graph depicts the sentiment evaluation of the most relevant concepts extracted from the data, and the associated sentiment timeline

The Benefits of Powerful Text Analytics


1. Quickly identify experience gaps and strengthen customer relationship to drive loyalty.

2. Understand the key drivers of customer complaints to eliminate them entirely or significantly decrease resolution time.

3. Provide ongoing training to call center agents and branch teams based on customer feedback.

Returns Our Clients Have Reported


50% faster detection of customer pain points

+15 point increase in median Net Promoter Score


20% cost reduction in client feedback analysis efforts

95% time saving over manual coding

Experience is Everything

With AI-powered text analytics, you can make data-driven improvements to products, services and training much faster, and precisely identify the most pressing concerns at hand and their underlying root-causes.

Semeon's multi-layered filters including sources, time, concepts, sentiment, intent and geolocation

The power, flexibility and precision you need to improve customer satisfaction.

Multichannel sourcing — import feedback data from private and public sources such as customer or employee surveys, contact center transcripts and more.

Automatic concept extraction— Semeon automatically extracts the most important concepts from your data. Where most analytics engines would identify the single word concept “expensive”, Semeon accurately isolates “deductibles are too expensive”.

Flexible categorizationUse Semeon’s natively extracted concepts or create your own custom concepts to provide a context-based categorization tailored to your requirements

Advanced filters— Apply multi-layered filters to drill into the specific details of one type of complaint, one service or one customer type at a time.

Sentiment analysis — Use our sentiment and intent analysis, paired with insightful dashboards, to help illustrate the salient themes contained with your data – a critical step to convince your organization to adopt your plan of action.

Professional Services

Your organization lacks in-house resources to take on text analytics? our team of experts can help at any step:

  • Training
  • Custom classification
  • Data analysis
  • Reporting
  • Turnkey project
A report created by Semeon's professional services team displaying top concepts by frequency
Our Clients

What Our Clients Say About Us

“I am confident that using a context-based approach has allowed us to understand our members, communication channels, and brand on a deeper level.”

Victoria Hubbell

Senior VP of Strategy and Stakeholder Relations

“We have the highest regard for the work Semeon has produced on our behalf. The power and precision of Semeon’s platform has helped us gain actionable insights about user experience.”

Alexandre Tellier

Research Director

“Semeon’s team immediately understood how our political research needs differed from a corporate client and the analysis they provided each week was insightful and thorough.”

Christine L. Matthews


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