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The Platform

Change how you approach data with Semeon’s text analytics tool

Understanding your customers’ values, objectives and impressions of your business is a crucial element of your success. Extracting and classifying relevant feedback data from hundreds of sources is a labor-intensive and time consuming task, but it can be accomplished by Semeon Analytics automatically in a fraction of the time. Thanks to our platform, you can now understand your feedback data through powerful text and sentiment analysis.

Accurate Concept Extraction

Semeon’s software automatically extracts precise concepts from different data sources.  We extract the most relevant multi-word concepts directly from your data sources, and the extracted feedback is immediately organized with 90% less analysis time.

Save some time and quickly drill into your concepts to find out exactly what was said, by whom and in which context for better business decisions.

Unrivaled Analytical Prowess

Semeon’s text analytics software measures the sentiment behind feedback data and visually represents the positive and negative qualities of the concepts extracted thanks to Semeon’s sentiment analysis capabilities.

Take full advantage of the platform and dive into your data with the power of a professional analyst by applying multilayered custom filters. Draw meaningful conclusions fast, all from within a single platform.

Unrivaled Analytical Prowess

Semeon’s text analytics software measures the sentiment behind feedback data and visually represents the positive and negative qualities of the concepts extracted thanks to Semeon’s sentiment analysis capabilities.

Take full advantage of the platform and dive into your data with the power of a professional analyst by applying multilayered custom filters. Draw meaningful conclusions fast, all from within a single platform.

Automated Classification and Reporting

Our automated classification lets you group themes together in a hierarchy so you can quickly identify the problems that require your immediate attention. 

Generate insightful dashboards filtered by any field defined in your data.

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Try our ALL-INCLUSIVE turnkey solution for 2 months for 2,900 CA$. We take care of everything for you:

  • Guided tour and access to the platform
  • Data import and complete analysis by our experts
  • Monthly custom report
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Annual subscription starting at

950 CA$/ month

Flexible pricing means that we make sure to provide a solution that fits your analytical objectives, budget and volume of feedback data.


A Text Analytics Software That Can Help You With Anything

Analytics Tool Training

We can provide hands-on training to ensure that you have in-house experts in no time and take full advantage of your customer feedback analytics.

Data import

The data you need is found in many different places, under many formats. Semeon will help you determine the best axis of analysis based on your business needs.

Custom Data Classification

Information that isn’t properly classified and stored is as good as lost. Semeon can create a custom-made classification structure specific to your analysis and reporting needs.

Data analysis

Take advantage of our expertise by letting our analysts isolate key themes or  trends of interest to help you understand your customers better.


Our team of experts can produce graphical reports to present key insights and recommendations, following your specifications and requirements.

Turnkey project

Semeon’s team can take on any of your text analysis projects from start to finish and deliver high quality insights according to your requirements.

Our Solutions

A Text Analytics Platform Tailored to Your Needs

Research Tool

Analyze thousands of free-text survey answers as well as call transcripts. In-depth industry and market competitive analysis without any manual coding.

Monitor Customer Experience

Use customer feedback to know how your customers feel about every area of your business and address pain points with timely insights.

Monitor Product Feedback

Get a global view of your customer requests and complaints. Identify priorities in your product development roadmap for improvements tailored to your customer’s needs.

Contact Center Performance

A business’s contact center is essential to many of its customers. Quickly analyze call transcripts and survey data to monitor agent performances and customer satisfaction.

Our Clients

How our clients feel about our text analysis platform

“I am confident that using a context-based approach has allowed us to understand our members, communication channels, and brand on a deeper level.”

Victoria Hubbell

Senior VP of Strategy and Stakeholder Relations

“We have the highest regard for the work Semeon has produced on our behalf. The power and precision of Semeon’s platform has helped us gain actionable insights about user experience.”

Alexandre Tellier

Research Director

“Semeon’s team immediately understood how our political research needs differed from a corporate client and the analysis they provided each week was insightful and thorough.”

Christine L. Matthews


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Learn more about text analytics

What is a text analytics software?

The job of a text analysis software is straightforward but difficult: transform raw data found in different formats and sources into structured information and data that can be used for business decisions. Analytics tools require extensive natural language processing, machine learning and artificial intelligence in order to accurately interpret the meaning and sentiment behind any piece of text data, just like a person would naturally do while reading. The challenge of large-scale text analysis is the following: a person cannot manually analyze and classify large amounts of  data in a reasonable amount of time, and a person is also prone to human and judgment errors that a machine would not do. The use of a text analytics software significantly reduces the risk of incorrect data classification while delivering higher quality analysis in about 90% less time.  

This is where Natural Language Processing and machine learning techniques come into play, giving text analytics softwares the capabilities to analyze text and provide insightful, high-quality data to decision makers  quickly.


What is Natural Language Processing?

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is how computers understand and process words and text, with the objective of understanding a message as well as a person. Reading a text is one thing, understanding the true meaning, intent and sentiment behind the words is another. Let’s take the sentence “This application is not bad”. A computer will analyze the data, extract relevant entities such as “application” and “bad” and would most likely categorize the message as negative. However, it is actually positive or, at the very least, neutral.

To make sense of this content, NLP relies on computational linguistics as well as statistical, machine learning and deep learning models. Tools such as Semeon’s are raising the bar, allowing companies to better understand their data and integrate feedback analytics in their business decisions and processes. NLP is a powerful analytical tool and can be used by companies for different applications, such as social media sentiment analysis and named entity recognition.


What are the advantages of sentiment analysis?

Sentiment analysis looks at a specific text, whether it is customer feedback, social media posts or other types of writing, and determines if this text conveys a positive, negative or neutral image of the subject. In order to do so with accuracy, a software must have strong Natural Language Processing (NLP) capabilities to quantify different entities and elements found in the text. 

Sentiment analysis impact on decisions is huge: it allows you to accurately measure the perception and opinion people have about your products and services, but also your business’ reputation as a whole. This is a complicated processing task for a software, which needs to rely on machine learning techniques to analyze text the way humans express themselves. To take advantage of sentiment analysis, it is essential to have a proven and reliable product such as Semeon.


What are the applications of our analytics platform?

Social media analytics and monitoring

For most enterprises, social media is a significant source of feedback on their products and services, as well as their customer’s experience and the company’s reputation. It is often difficult to analyze because of spelling mistakes, different acronyms and familiar expressions and emojis, but, once it is transformed into relevant data, it is a gold mine.


Customer experience & Complaint management 

Understanding what customers think and how they feel about a company’s products and services allows a business to react quickly to their feedback and concerns in order to retain customers and build loyalty. Insightful analysis about a company’s customer base provides the opportunity to tailor the offering to the expectations of the market.


Employee performance and satisfaction

Awareness and understanding of your employee’s satisfaction levels can be difficult, and too often the issues at hand are identified only too late. Proactively identifying and dealing with human resource issues will increase the loyalty and productivity of your workforce. Semeon’s text analytical software can analyze employee surveys and emails to help users understand the needs and expectations of their employees faster, as well as monitor their performances to identify bottlenecks  and training opportunities. 


How to use multi-layered filters for precise and detailed insight?

Semeon’s text analytics tool allows users to quickly research their data by applying multiple layers of filters at once. While this was previously a capability only available to experts in tools such as pivot tables, Semeon’s clients can now apply simultaneously any number of filters to zoom in on relevant data that will answer their information needs, such as the source, domains, date and time, concepts and influencers… Additionally, clients can apply filters based on customer sentiment (positive, negative,neutral) and intent (inform, complain, praise, purchase, not purchase), which can help address customers’ pain points and  identify business opportunities with accuracy.

Take advantage of Semeon’s unique filtering capabilities to help you find the information you need, gain valuable persona insight and optimize your processes and conversions. Drill into the specific details of one type of complaint, one service or one customer type at a time.


How to use text analytics for competitive benchmarking?

Insight about a company’s market position versus key competitors can help better understand how to improve marketing and communication strategies as well as products and services in order for the business to attract and retain more customers. Competitive benchmark can be conducted on an ongoing or punctual basis using publicly available data. Using a text analytics tool to analyze customer and marketplace feedback data is the best way to benchmark your business against industry competitors, using the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) of your choice. 

Businesses using Semeon’s text analytics solution have the tools to know where they stand at all times, thanks to a real-time global view of their market positioning and public perception.  Comparing customer sentiment and intent to that of other market leaders using the set of metrics of their choice has never been faster or easier. 

Take advantage of our software’s cutting edge features for your strategic plan. Semeon’s text analytics software will extract relevant marketplace reviews and suggestions from competitive data and, with real-time text analytics, you can maintain an edge over your competitors by anticipating which customer needs you should solve and unmet needs you can fulfill faster. Conduct an accurate product comparison analysis to qualify new market opportunities with our analysis tool.


What sources of data are used in text analysis?

Semeon’s analytical software gathers information and data from various public and private sources in order to analyze your customer’s feedback, whether it is structured or unstructured data. Important sources of data include:

  1. Social media comments and publications (Facebook , Instagram, Twitter and more)
  2. Reviews from your own website or other sites 
  3. Forums 
  4. Emails
  5. Customer or employee surveys
  6. Contact center transfer scripts


How does Semeon gather customer feedback from public and private sources?

Semeon partners with content providers as needed to access public data sources of all kinds. This can be Twitter data, Facebook Data, blog and review data and more.

When it comes to private data sources, Semeon can extract data from company emails, internal documents, CRM systems, support tickets, survey data, communication networks and more. Our text analytics software can even convert voice data from call centers into a text format that can be analyzed in our solution. 

What is Semeon’s approach to concept extraction?

Semeon automatically extracts the most important concepts from your data. Where most analytics engines would identify the single word concept “expensive”, Semeon accurately isolates entire expressions such as “deductibles are too expensive”. Extracting multi-word concepts is key to providing true understanding of customer feedback without any guessing work. Once relevant concepts are identified, they can be classified according to every client’s unique information needs. For example, concepts could be categorized by department, product or service, areas of frustrations etc. Every concept can be explored to expose the full sentences and the associated sentiment that they convey. Our complete dashboards can then be used to track and visualize the evolution of key concepts over time and the impact your implemented measures have on your customer experience.

Semeon’s unique ability to accurately extract multi-word concepts and to classify them according to one’s unique custom categories is what makes our software so powerful in providing value that will support customer loyalty, customer satisfaction and business growth. 


What can you save by using Semeon’s text analytics?

1. Cut down on manual coding

Since the integration of Semeon’s platform in their operations, our clients have seen a significant reduction of time spent on coding and analyzing unstructured data, with many reporting up to a 90% time reduction. With Semeon’s automated categorization, new customer feedback can be automatically classified according to your unique departments or topics. High quality results without any tedious manual coding allows your team to focus on analyzing the output to detect much faster any trends, complaints or suggestions that require immediate attention.


2. Reduced cost of analysis and resolution time

Our analysis platform lets you drill into concepts to find out exactly what was said, by whom and in which context, providing you with a level of precision that can reduce the overall cost of data analysis by 40% to 80%.